Pipe Organs: Each of our churches has a beautiful pipe organ which is regularly used for worship. 

The Church of Orchardleigh has no electric, so the organ has to be pumped by hand to force air into the blower in order to create sound through the pipes. It's a two person job and is quite hard work, especially when the organist is playing a piece with plenty of stops and pedals. 

We have several people within the benefice able to play the organ and we try and support our churches as best we can, but are very grtaeful to visiting and neighbouring organists. 

We also have a small music group based mainly at Beckington, but they also play at Berkley Church for all age worship services and will sometimes be known to tour to other churches for special services. The group currently consists of a pianist, a guitarist, a violinist and singers.

We also have a full ring of eight bells at St George's Church in Beckington.  This is a ground floor ring, so unlike some towers are easy to access. We have a few bell ringers in our own benefice but are very pleased to be supported by other local ringers. We are pleased when visiting towers ask to play. Practice night is every Thursday 7.30pm at St George's Church.